Gemmological Institute of Sri Lanka
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Author:  Sangeeta Dipak Atrawalkar [ Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:14 am ]
Post subject:  Gemmological Institute of Sri Lanka

I require e.mail address and postal addressof Gemmological Institute of Sri Lanka. Can anybody give me?

Author:  Edward Bristol [ Sun Dec 17, 2006 11:23 pm ]
Post subject: 

Depends on what you want...

There are various branches and offices in Ratna, Colombo and Kandy (and some other, but I am not sure).

State Gem Association (thats where state certs are made)
25 Galle Face Terrace
Colombo 3

Gemological Association SL
275/75 Bauddhaloka Mawatha
Col 7

Email: Forget it.

If you want to write them a letter and get a reply before 2008: Forget it.

You need a local contact to go there.

Author:  Tom Goodwin, G.G. [ Fri Jan 05, 2007 12:53 am ]
Post subject:  Gemmological Institute of Sri Lanka

The tragic civil war in Sri Lanka continues on. You don't hear too much about it unless there is a major attack with loss of innocent lives. The Tamil and Sinhalese (Hindu and Buddhist) populations are caught in the middle. Somehow, the United States has stayed out of it on a major military basis, although an old friend of mine from Foothill High School in California; Lt. Col. Greg Johnson told me at our last class reunion in 1987 (that's right, 1987) that the USMC had been training Sri Lankan Air Force pilots in helicopter operations. Since he knew that I was a G.G. we talked about the gem industry there and how it sustained the native workers in the middle of seemingly nowhere. Civil war is also raging on in Africa but hopefully will not be fed anymore with "Blood Diamonds" because of the Kimberly Process. I am gratefull that I live in the United States instead of in the "third world."

Author:  Sangeeta Dipak Atrawalkar [ Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Gemmological Institute at Sri lanka

We also heard the news about war in Sri Lanka. But thought that it is only at specific places where the LTTE places. I was planning to do gemmological course there. I heard that it is much cheaper and those tutors also helps us in knowing the market there, purchasing gem stones in the open market, etc.

Author:  Edward Bristol [ Sun Jan 14, 2007 11:21 pm ]
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Luckily the gem trade does not finance the terror in Sri lanka (unless you consider the government to be terrorists).

I have here added a text from my site on this topic:


"Do gems finance the Tigers?

The Tigers say they started fighting because the Tamils were hindered from participating in the (then) booming Sri Lankan economy.

In regard to the gem business, this is true: Traditionally Tamils are not part of the gem trade. The simple reason for this was not racism on the Singhalese side, but geological circumstances. Despite the fact that 80% of Sri Lanka is said to be gem bearing, no significant gem deposits are found in the east-north Tamil Tiger areas.

As for the other reasons the Tigers come up with, yes, I do remember that 25 years ago when driving from west to east, roads would become bad and public infrastructure would decline. The Singhalese say that was because the Tamils are lazy (which is definitely not true) but in any case this is no excuse to invent suicide bombings.

Today one may say "Fortunately no gems are found", because the Tigers are broke, and that is good news. They have run down their areas and have not, as promised, brought them to independent blossom (for whatever reasons). Now there is not enough cash to recruit even children (the cheapest soldiers) anymore, let alone to buy new more sophisticated weapons. Therefore they have started to work with landmines washed out of the army camps by the tsunami. The current fightings are hopefully the final death rattle of a deeply sick organization.

The Sri Lankan civil war has completely lost its reasons, direction or purpose. For the Tigers terror has become the only form of self expression and the only way by which somebody will pay any attention to the wrecked east of some island in the Indian Ocean. Needless to say that all this is deeply sad for the normal peace loving Tamils, who are in the majority, but are understandably too scared to speak up.

I do not doubt that there were good reasons to oppose the Singhalese rule those days, but time has shown that violence does not produce any desirable result, but instead has laid the country in ruin. While Singapore, Thailand and South Korea have become self sufficient economies, Sri Lanka has decayed to life on western aid. Though blessed with sun, rain and all natural resources a country could possible wish for, Sri Lanka is today not able even to feed its own people without foreign help, let alone to produce anything that would pay for the huge trade deficit.

In addition to the circles of hate that have lately escalated again, alcohol has become a huge problem in the east. Being left to isolation and terror for over two decades the bottle of arrack or worse the illegal "toddy" has turned out to be the only pleasure for the locals and the much needed fuel for the remains of courage amongst the Tigers.

Thus, as things stand, the country can be truly grateful that no gems are found in the Tiger areas.

In regard to mining, the worst thing about the civil war is that the government has other things to do than to worry about illegal mining and its ecological effects in the mountains. "

The full text is here:

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