"Watermelon" or Just Bi-Color?
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Author:  Frank [ Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "Watermelon" or Just Bi-Color?

Hi Elly,

Wow you guys have been busy. I'm trying to decide if you are out to take over the forum or if your posts are just so much spam dressed up as beef.

This forum is a "not for profit" platform. our aim is education and the free exchange of ideas between industry professionals, students and serious amateurs. If you want to help educate or pass along specialist knowledge then that would be fine. If your just trying to pump your courses then that would be classed as spamming.

I've chosen this post to comment cos it does have a bit of useful information on it which may be welcome to some of our members. Some of the other pages seem like ads to me.

If you want to stay aboard please try to contribute to the general store of knowledge by explaining what you are talking about so we can all learn something. We have no problem with being educated about ethical appraisals but any member who wants a 200 hour program can find it on Google. So please, no links or course plugging until you have settled in and earned the right to free advertising



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