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Author:  George Sharen [ Tue Sep 26, 2006 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Wolf's information sytems

Hi PT:

I have to admit I'm a Magpie (Canadian bird, black and white in colour, collects anything bright and shiny :) )

No bit or byte of info misses my collection. It all goes into Microsoft WORD as bits and pieces as I find it. When I have time I cut and paste to dedicated pages ... ie> tanzanite (since that is the last gem of info from you ) all information collected on the gem, since the last winnowing, goes on the page. Then I make up a "flash card" on each piece of info.. in this case it would be titled "Tests for synthetic tanzanite"

Each section of the rolidex is headed for a Gem or procedure. Now if I buy a parcel from JTV (just kidding :D :oops: ) I can identify the gems and know how to tell if I have a simulant or a synthetic.

Sounds good, but it is incomplete, and I keep adding knowledge day by day. It may never be complete but the more I add the easier it becomes :)

There, now you know my deepest secret Wolf is a squirrel who puts away nuggets of information for a winters day :)

Thanks again

Author:  Peter Torraca [ Tue Sep 26, 2006 8:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

now you know my deepest secret Wolf is a squirrel who puts away nuggets of information for a winters day

Boy, I hope you never end up chasing your own tail... ;-)

Thanks for explaining Wolf -- for my part, I collect ideas & concepts. I figure (perhaps mistakenly) I can always look up the hard data later.... of course, relocating that URL which "explainted it all" gets a little tough sometimes. :D

Author:  George Sharen [ Tue Sep 26, 2006 10:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Tail Chasing lol


Agree with you 100% always looked at education as '' the knowing where to look process". Unfortunately have separated the puter from the work area. Read a nasty little byte about a guy who was "polishing silver rings "
in his office during "breaks" and "lunch time". Story goes that the fine silver plated out on the circuit board of his puter, fried it. so while when I can I look up book marked info. When I test, do the bench thing or any of the "hard gemmology thing" I do it seperated from my puter. So like I said if I'm testing the honesty of my latest supplier, checking for synthetics I do it away from the puter. So uh huh the rolidex is a quick way to look up the difference between say tanzanite and tanzanion, simply put the rollidex is hard to "fry" :)

Now that's not to say that there are not time when I very much feel like I'm chasing my tail in circles. There is a lot to learn and I am by no means there yet.

*chuckle* may be the hard way but its what I'm stuck with for the moment. Wonder how hard a Blackberry is to fry, Hmm just might be sealed enough to get away with, hav eto look into that.


Author:  jleb [ Wed Sep 27, 2006 5:52 am ]
Post subject:  boule

Saw the synthetic today.. was cut from a large boule, so looks like flame fusion and striations should be present, but since my floors are torn up, I can't check it w/ a scope. No other info available other than the seller claiming (to rob) that is was the man made version.

I checked it on the spectroscope (only the synthetic, my natural tsavorite was in the safe). a doublet and a narrow band in the red, looks like *might* have a fluorescence in the yellow, more absorbtion in the blue end w/ multiple fine lines.. Did not look like the spectrum for grossular garnet in the opl book. I"ll compare the two when I can get my rough out after the floor job.

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