heart arrow forever one moissanite
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Author:  lianacun [ Thu May 04, 2017 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  heart arrow forever one moissanite

Hello everyone

I need your experts' opinion and experience.

Here's the story:

The Diamond in my 10th anniversary ring suffered a huge crack after I wore it for 36 years. My hubby and I decided to look for a replacement stone, and we visited a jeweler in the neighbourhood. We spotted a beautiful heart arrow forever one moissanite. As we about to choose that option, the jeweler said that I should go for a real natural diamond instead. He said everyone are able to ditinguish moisannite from diamond counterpart, especially the bigger stone.

Is it true that average people can spot the difference between heart arrow moissanite and diamond? Let's say; can you tell if you meet someone wearing 4ct heart arrow moissanite ring in cocktail party?

Author:  Barbra Voltaire, FGG [ Thu May 04, 2017 5:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: heart arrow forever one moissanite

I am so sorry to hear that the original diamond cracked.
Was it insured? If so your insurance company should replace it for you.

If not, the moissanite option is fine and I doubt anyone at a party would be able to spot it as not being real, especially if it is the same size as the one that broke.

Brings to mind a sale I made in the late 70's. A woman came in to a store where I worked which sold YAG and CZ diamond substitutes mounted in 14k mountings. She asked it her friends would know her "diamond" was a fake. I went into detail showing her both diamonds and the simulants side by side to assure her it would be next to impossible for her friends to know her stone wasn't real.
:shock: She ended up buying a 17ct marquise cut solitaire!!!! The largest YAG we had in the store.
Brought it back the next day complaining that everyone knew it was fake.

Author:  Brian [ Thu May 04, 2017 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: heart arrow forever one moissanite

Now THAT is a funny story. :lol:

Author:  cascaillou [ Fri May 19, 2017 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: heart arrow forever one moissanite

CZ (cubic zirconia) is a better imitation

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