Heating Moissanite
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Author:  Mazyar [ Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Heating Moissanite

Heating moissanite to get back origin color after cutting

I am new in this so I have not work experience and I am looking for the best answer or your ideas about heating moissanite

Have anyone on this forum , heated moissanite before?
I am thinking of investing for proper lap and compound to cut rough moissanite and I will but a couple small pieces of rough

But I was told by expert that they change color after cutting to dark
So I thought the stone needed to heat to get back actual or origin color as it is industry acceptable process . I did search China market to understand or get an idea how to heat them to get back the original color but no one responded me with the solution so

If anyone in here have work experience with moissanite please let me know

And if I find the answer with the china manufacturer I will post it here for those who are interested to learn a bout it

Kindly appreciated

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