Japanese Pendant from c.1897
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Author:  gembug [ Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:46 am ]
Post subject:  Japanese Pendant from c.1897

This is a jade pendant that belonged to my maternal grandfather. I was told he acquired it in 1897. Other than my aunt just gave it to me, I have no more information about the item.



I was told that my grandfather was semi-royalty, the direct male descendent of a lord who brought schooling to Japan in the 1600s and a bit of a spoiled playboy (that line is dying out with my uncle who's 95 and had no male children). He travelled first to the San Francisco gold rush and then headed north to settle in Vancouver, BC in the early 1900s becoming a Canadian citizen. He married my grandmother (an arranged mail-order bride from a good family in Japan I'm told) and opened several dry cleaners. Knowing the government's intention to round up and intern all people of Japanese descent, he managed to get permission to move the family voluntarily to Grand Forks, BC where they stayed until the mid-1950s. I'm not sure when he passed away - probably late 1950s. But all that is just an aside.

Anyone recognize the symbols on either side? I am assuming it came from Japan but given his tendency to travel it could have come from anywhere in Asia.



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