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Author:  gsellis [ Wed Jun 25, 2008 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Sunscreen

I was reading a post by Gingerkid about being out in the Georgia sun and it rang a bell. First, I have no ties to the product. I swear by it as I discovered it in about 1985 when I found that Bullfrog's PABA was the cause for my burning eyes. Bullfrog reformulated and is now a complete product. Back on topic.

If you want sunscreen that lasts ALL day in the sun, even if you sweat or get wet, get Aloe Gator. I know for sure that REI carries it and have a link See....

I was a top amateur, low pro bodyboarder in the 80's. I would paddle out into the surf some days at 6am and get out at 5pm. I put on my AG as I was driving to the beach (not a good idea, but it is best when put on while you are cool). I just used it on a 12hr fishing trip and not even slightly pink this time. Having had basal cell skin cancer in two spots, I care. Anyway, back to your gem hunting...


Edit - If you are thinking, "must not be that good with skin cancer", those were on places I do not normal put sunscreen. I swam in Florida for 4 years non-stop, which is always outdoors ;)

Author:  Jason Barrett [ Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:26 pm ]
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Thanks for the tip. We have an REI on I-85 that is sort of close to my house.

Author:  gingerkid [ Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:30 am ]
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definitely need the sunscreen! thanks for the hint on what to purchase for sunblock!!

i found on the llbean website ( these really cool t-shirts for men and women called "trail model coolmax" tshirts which i read about on john betts' mineral website, he recommends these tshirts because they keep you cool in wonderful humid and hot weather but no one can tell you are perspiring like a maniac. 8) not very expensive either-less than 20 dollars!

on the llbean website, check in the "hiking and fitness" section to see the tshirts.

Author:  Crystal Star [ Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:33 pm ]
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The chemicals in sunscreens are being blamed for coral reefs dying off, and doctors are documenting nearly worldwide excessively low vitamin D levels, which are important to maintain to ward off cancer, so they're recommending moderate exposure to the sun, especially for cancer patients, instead of slathering chemicals all over the body and baking them into our largest organ of assimilation and elimination - the skin! So if clothing can be used for protection instead of chemicals, you're definitely much better off. ...just so you know what you're doing every time you smear those chemicals all over your body. :?

Author:  gingerkid [ Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:15 am ]
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hey crystalstar! to tell you the truth, i hate having to wear sunscreen. being redheaded and having a pharmacist for a father, when my younger brother (red headed youngin (stepchild!), too) and i were kids and would go to the beach, my dad would rub sunscreen all over us, we would swim in the ocean and as soon as we got out of the water, my dad would rub both of us down again with sunscreen-this routine went on religiously. by that time, we had a nice mix of sunscreen, sand, and sunburn anyway. and when i joined the marine corps, what did my father send to me in the us mail? none other than sunscreen :D but trust me it saved me from scorching to death even though i had a lovely red farmer's tan :wink:

i was not aware that sunscreen had an effect on the coral reef. :(

i will be investing in one of those cool max tshirts, though!

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