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 Post subject: Labor Day Hogg mine
PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:03 pm 
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I will be going to the Hogg mine on Labor Day. Can you think of a better holiday to labor in rocks and dirt than Labor Day. If anybody else can make it that would be cool. MAGMA platinum members are half-priced. I know gsellis went last week and found some awesome bubblegum rose quartz.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 3:58 pm 
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Where is the Hogg mine? :oops:

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 Post subject: Hogg Mine
PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 6:06 pm 
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Most of the Hogg Mine associates will be set up at the mineral and gem show in Cartersville , Georgia on the weekend of August 15-17.Southeast Gem & Mineral Show, Cartersville, GA Holiday Inn -- Cartersville, GA, I-75 Exit 293 and 411 NE, Cartersville, GA 30120
Show Hours: 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Friday & Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Sunday (...2008 Dealer List)
Please visit me ( Rodney ) at the Dixie Euhedrals booth in room 151 for all types of facet rough , JXR amethyst , fossils , world wide minerals and more ! J Don Aldridge of First Frontier will be in room 144 with lapidary equipment such as saws, grinders, tumblers , rock hammers , and some mineral specimens as well as agate slabs. Bill Mitcham of Kudzu Minerals will be in room 113 with countless flats of minerals from the many old collections he has bought . There will be lots of other dealers at the show and the general public is invited to attend without charge . : Next dig : Aug. 23rd , 2008 We will be digging this later this month at the Hogg Mine ~ RAIN OR SHINE ! Please note that I-75 thru downtown has a lot of lanes closed to due to construction . Allow extra travel time and take I-285 around Atlanta to avoid traffic delays . See lower down on this page for more details & the latest announcements about the upcoming digs . New field trip reports with pictures courtesy of Robert Kyle of Imperial Facets :Field Trip Report for the digs at the Hogg Mine on June 13 through
July 12, 2008
DIG FOR YOUR OWN CRYSTALS AT THE HOGG MINE : Are you ready to find your own gemstones ? ? ? What are you waiting on .................Let's go dig some crystals ! ! ! Updated Saturday morning , Aug. 09, 2008 - : We offer several locations to dig for quartz crystals , star rose quartz, tourmaline , aquamarine and more. We have dig sites in lagrange , Georgia at the hogg mine as well as places in Herkimer , New York ,. Since I appeared on the Travel Channel Cash and treasures show digging Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst , I have been swamped with requests about where to go to dig crystals in Georgia . I closed and then sold the jxr amethyst mine and dont have any information about it ( see link below if you want to buy jxr amethyst crystals or cut stones ) . I still have digs from time to time at my other places . most frequently in Lagrange , Georgia at the Hogg mine . This is the page to bookmark to find out about upcoming crystal digs . Please dont call asking about the digs , I check my e-mail several times a day and always answer each and every email . Recently a fellow brought his daughter out to do some digging . It was her first time , and she found a super nice facet grade piece of aquamarine . First time diggers at the hogg mine This was super blue and eyeclean faceting material aquamarine from the hogg mineAfter this piece is cut and faceted , it will make for super nice earrings !girl who found aquamarine at the hogg mine Special thanks goes to J. Don Aldridge for the photos .The travel channel will re-air the hogg mine epiosode Jun. 02 5:00PM ! ! ! Rodney meets KirstenThe hogg mine was featured on the Travel Channel on April 16 @ 10 p.m. on the " Cash & Treasures " star rose quartz episode ( it will re-air Jun. 02 5:00PM) .Kirsten Gum cash and treasures rose quartz Above , The host of the show , Kirsten Gum , finds a nice chunk of rose quartz . Below , Marcy Hess and Kirsten check out their finds at the end of the day .Kirsten and Marcy check out their rose quartz findsDouble click triangle to play this cool video that shows what we found recently at the hogg mine , a monster 8 pound aquamarine beryl crystal ! ! ! Fresh Dirt Alert ! I have moved one of my digging machines to the Lagrange area and will be making sure that there is always plenty of n ew material turned up . NEXT DIG DATE : August 23rd , 2008 . Meet at the store at 8:45 a.m. : Smiths Corner Store 1231 Bartley Road Lagrange , Georgia 30241 Just show up at Donnie Smith's corner store before 9 a.m. to sign in . See below for the meeting place and map link . . Additional digging dates : We will be announcing new august dates soon . We will also be open August 30 & Labor day , Sept. 1st , 2008 Please note that the 3rd weekend in August we will not be open ( Aug.15 & 16 ) . Most of the staff members and associates will be at the big gem show in Cartersville , Georgia . Your invited to come join us ! just click the following link for info and directions to the gemshow : Check back as we will be announcing more dates soon ! Frequently asked Questions:

1.) What hours do we dig ? We usually dig from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2.) Can we keep everything that we find ? Yes , keep everything you find

3.) How much can we take with us ? You can take one 5-gallon bucket plus any big rock you want . If you want to collect additional buckets an additional small fee will apply .

4.) Do you rent tools ? No . Donnies Corner Store does sell most everything you need.

5) What tools do I need ? Bring a five gallon bucket , newspaper to wrap your finds , and something such as a potatoe rake or pick maddock or shovel to dig with . Bring a hammer , but , if you use a hammer you HAVE to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes . Screens are very usefull . Gloves are very important . You will get hand cuts if you dont wear them !

6) Can a regular car make it into the mine ? Yes , you can drive in with a regular car.

7.) Can a camper make it into the mine ? Yes , we have a huge area which is necessary to bring in machinery on 18 wheeler rigs , so campers are not a problem .

8.) Can we camp at the mine ? No , but there are nearby campgrounds . People with a camper can usually get permission to stay a night or two at Donnies Corner Store ( no hook-ups ) .

9.) Where are the nearby campgrounds ? There are many nearby private camp grounds as well as state owned ones , since west point lake is nearby . Just do a search for " west point lake camp grounds" or "hoofers" or "camping lagrange georgia".
10.) Where are the nearby hotels ? I recomend the days inn ( phone 706-882-8881 ) since it is reasonably priced and is on the same road & 2 miles from the meeting place , and is easy to find ( exit 13 on interstate 85 ) . It is near subway , mcdonalds,waffle house , arby's etc . If you want a nicer place , 5 miles away in lagrange , Georgia are many nice hotels . An internet search should reveal them .

11.) Can we bring our pets ? Well behaved pets on leashes are welcome .

12.) Can we bring food and drinks ? Sure , bring your own drinks and snacks from home ! But if you need to you can also buy them at the meeting place : Donnies Corner store has breakfast biscuits and tables to dine-in . Donnies also has a good lunch of pizza and bar-b-q . At only 1 mile from the mine , this is truly an oasis in the desert ! Please show our appreciation of being able to use Donnies Corner Store as out meeting place , and grab a drink or snack while you are visiting .

13.) What can we find at the mine ? Star rose quartz ( massive , not crystals ) , Tourmaline crystals , Aquamarine , various colors of beryl . You can visit several websites to see what has been found on recent digs : & & also click here

14.) Do you have anyone that can cut stones ? We recommend Jerry Call of . Tell him Rodney sent you .

15.) What about rain , is the dig still on ? Digs are held rain or shine ! We almost always have the dig . In only rare circumstances have we canceled a dig , which was due to snow . So the dig is almost always on . You can check the website late the night before , or early in the morning before you leave to see if there was a cancellation. This will almost never happen . Please dont call me or email me asking is the dig still on . I constantly update this website . Please book mark it and refer to it often for current & ACCURATE conditions .

16.) Do I need to register , pre-pay , or contact you to attend a dig ? No , You don't have to register or pre-pay , you can just show up at the meeting place on the dates that digs are advertised. Please note that you must be on time that morning in order to join the group.

17.) I cant find the link to release form or I cant print it out, what do I do ? Here is a link for the release form : ... elease.pdf if you cant get it to print out , WE WILL HAVE COPIES . However , it is much easier and faster for all concerned if you already have this completed. Wouldnt you rather spend time digging instead of filling out forms that morning ?
18.) What are the directions to the mine ? There are basic security & safety issues , so we dont publish or give out exact directions . This prevents unauthorized visits and theft . Therefore , we meet at a meeting place . We meet at Smiths Corner Store 1231 Bartley Road Lagrange , Georgia 30241 . gps is 32 57.296'n 85 1.130'w You can CLICK HERE for a mapquest link

18 A ) What time do we meet ? Please be at the store before 9 a.m. to get checked in . The announced fieldtrip leader will arrive at the store anywhere from 8:30 -8:45 to start signing people up .

18 B ) I might be late , or , I am running late ,can I still visit the mine ? NO . I have a very important reason for this policy . At the time you are checked in , as a group , several important things take place . You are asked to sign the release form and make payment . Everyone is then given a safety lecture in general , and then any specific safety items are addressed. You're then told about what can be found , methods of finding things , and the areas to look in . We then convoy as a group to the mine and then given a tour . If you miss this important orientation , safety , and registration period , you will not be allowed to enter after we have left for the mine . (If your coming from a long distance it is recommend that you stay overnight in one of the nearby hotels to insure that you can meet with us on time .)

19.) What does it cost to attend ? It is $35 per adult and kids are free . Kids are under 18 .

20.) WHEN ARE YOU OPEN , or , I want to come visit in a couple of months , are you open in XXXXXX month ? As a general rule , we try to be open the first Saturday of every month whenever possible , plus other dates as we see that we can staff the site . I announce the dates as soon as I am aware that I will be able to open the place up . This means if you dont see a date listed on this page , then it will not do any good to email me about it , because I wont have an answer for you . I constantly update this site , usually weekly but quite often , daily . So please keep an eye on this site to see what dates are announced. I usually can figure a month ahead .

21.) We showed up at the store at 8:00 a.m. and the lady at the store said there was no dig , so we left . Where were you ? Please show up between 8:30 or so to sign up . Someone should appear before 9 a.m. to get everyone signed up . Please note that the people at the store often are unaware of the dig schedules and may give you incorrect information . Please just wait patiently in the parking lot at the correct time and date and someone will be along to help you .

22.) What type facilities do you have ? We have a regularly service port-a-potty but no running water or electricity . We now have a shelter for people to take breaks under as well as picnic tables . Other site improvements are in the works . Before fall and cool weather arrives , we should have a woodburning stove installed .

23.) Are there other mines nearby or any you recomend ? There are no other Georgia mines nearby or any that I recomend .

24.) What about amethyst or any of your other mines ? We currently do not offer amethyst digs or any other Georgia locations . We do have a mine for sale in South Carolina near Diamond hill mine . We also are working with the owner of a new mine near Herkimer , New York : New digging site near Herkimer , New York . If you want to check out a new herkimer diamond mine in Saint Johnsville , New York , then email me from the contact page or call the owner , Mike Batiste at 518-568-3566 .

25.) How much help can we expect ? Your charged a $35 land access fee , which is a bargain , considering the historic location and the chance to find nice and perhaps valuable gemstones . This doesnt include " service " . We will show you what to look for and what the specimens look like . We usually start the morning off with a tour of the mine to show you the different collecting areas. We will give you a brief explanation about what to do . It's pretty simple . You dig or sift thru dirt or break up rocks . If your a fast learner , you'll fit right in ! The best thing to do is watch what the regular visitors are doing ( it's basically very simple ) .

26) Are you hiring or do you need any help ? No .

27) IS THE WEBSITE RIGHT ? Do we really meet at the store ? Yes ! THIS WEBSITE IS REALLY RIGHT . I am suprised at the number of people that ask me this . Please refer to this website for current accurate information , It is " REALLY RIGHT " .

28) Do you offer group discounts ? Certainly ! Groups of 50 or more people will get 25 percent off . Groups of 100 or more get half-off . Small parties less than 50 people dont qualify for a discount .

29) Can I just buy a half bucket ? We dont charge by the bucket , it is $35 for the day .

30) Can I just dig a half day ? Sure ! You pay the $35 entry fee and dig for as little or as long as you want that day between 9 A.M & 5 P.M.

31) Can we pay by check or credit card ? Sorry , we only accept cash as payment .

32) Why is the place called the " Hogg Mine " ? The mine in the past has been called the Foley mine , the big beryl mine , and the hogg mine . We believe it was named after nearby hogg mountain . It is sometimes incorrectly called the hog mountain mine or the hog mine . The current and proper name for the mine is " The Hogg Mine " spelled with 2 G's .
New jackson's crossroads amethyst crystals for sale ! I am also looking to buy crystals , rough rocks and agates for cabbing for re-sale . Please check out my ebay items : We now sell mineral tack ! I sell lots of crystals from the mines on ebay , books that tell you where to go dig your own , even t-shirts with rocks on them , check out what I have to sell RIGHT NOW on the slide show player ( click the pictures at the bottom of this page ) : In addition to selling on ebay I also have a rockshop . While I dont have the rockshop officially open , it is open by appointment , and conviently located near I-75 , 40 minutes south of Atlanta, Ga. I sell a wide variety of crystal specimens , faceted stones and facet rough ( including blue jxr jacksons crossroads amethyst ) as well as tools such as rock arkansas prybars , oxalic acid , and even guidebooks for every area of the United States that will help you find places to dig your own gems and crystals . Yes ! We also have mineral tack ! I am real hard to catch via phone , best bet is to email from the contact page on this website . I also have a arkansas quartz crystal mine for sale as well as a smoky quartz crystal / amethyst mine in south carolina for sale ( you can find details about these mines on the other pages of this website ) . Remember , If you are looking for deals on arkansas quartz crystal , Jxr amethyst , Hiddenite crystals or North Carolina emeralds , please inquire.

home april 05 contact info. scepters BREAKING NEWS J X R RUTILE Hogg mine pix feb. 05 farm pix dec. 04 march 04 sept 04 pkt 2 oct 04 dec 04 pionjar LAGRANGE feedback June 05 October 05 aug. 05 Hogg 2 hogg 3 11-05 Dec. 05 Tucson show 2006 Jan. - Feb. 06 March 06 APRIL 06 may 06 june_july 06 Colorado Mineral show AUG.-Sept 06 Oct. nov. 06 Arkansas crystal mine Links FIELD TRIPS Tucson 2007 TOOLS ROCKTALK CHAT arkansas2 Grassy Creek 07 BOOKS ! Tucson 08

John Atwell Rasmussen, Ph.D., AJP

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:16 pm 
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My page with Amethysguy's reference. The bottom two pictures are my A+ stuff from 2 days of mining.

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