10 Rockamendments
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Author:  gingerkid [ Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:41 am ]
Post subject:  10 Rockamendments

found this on the february 2008, "the petrified digest," published by the ginkgo mineral society in washington state while searching for so-called "sub-varieties" of chrome-pyrope garnets (hope rom and dr. hanneman don't see this to discover what i'm searching, lol):


1 – Thou shalt not touch thy neighbor's minerals
unless he places them in your hand.
2 – Thou shalt not test the strength of crystals by
pushing, biting or squeezing.
3 – Thou shalt not drop thy neighbor's fossil, for
many do not bounce properly.
4 – Thou shalt not place thy neighbor's specimen in
thine own pocket.
5 – Thou shalt not test thy neighbor's agates for
hardness by rubbing them together.
6 – Thou shalt not argue the name of that mineral
too violently, sometimes thou could be wrong.
7 – Thou shalt not climb above thy neighbor when on
a field trip lest thou are willing to spend remainder of
day digging him out.
8 – Thou shalt protect thine own eyes, hands and
feet so thou can enjoy many, many more field trips.
9 – Thou shalt not encroach upon thy neighbor's
diggings lest his hammer be dropped on thy toe.
10 – Thou shalt not complain about or denounce thy
club officers under penalty of being elected one
(Fr. BURRO EXPRESS via Scribe)

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