Gemology Tools Professional: Find a Gemstone Quickly
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Author:  GTP Bill [ Sun Oct 22, 2006 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Gemology Tools Professional: Find a Gemstone Quickly

Q: What is the fastest way to find data on a gem in GT Pro?

A: There are two easy ways to find the data on a gemstone. An experienced user can find the data in seconds. A novice user can find the data in...well, seconds. Obviously, both of these methods require the Gemstone Database to be open (which takes one second).

1) If the gem you are hunting is a common one the easiest and quickest way to find it is to press the first letter of the gem. Example: You want the listing for Variscite. Press the letter V. This will take you to the first stone that starts with a V. Glancing down the list you can the click on Variscite. But that was a softball because there aren't many gems starting with V. If you wanted to find Copal, for instance, you would hit the letter C but then you would have to hit the Page Down key three times to find it because there are many gems starting with C. Still pretty easy and quick, though. One caveat: if you have sorted the list (by clicking on the column header) to something other than alphbetical, it won't work. You would have to re-sort the list by clicking the Gemstone header.

2) The other method of finding a gem is (oddly enough) to click the Find a Gemstone button at the bottom of the screen. Let's say someone brings you a yellow gem and says "I've been told this is Tinzenite. Can you tell me more about it?" I know many of you could tell the person off the top of your head what Tinzenite is. But if not, you could try method 1. If you don't find it in the main database you will have to click on the Find a Gemstone button (where there are over 1800 possibilities). Type the first two to four letters of the name. In this case, tinz. As luck would have it this takes you right to Tinzenite. Click the Find button at the top of this window or double-click the listing and you will be taken to Axinite. There you'll find that Tinzenite is one of four stones that make up the Axinite Group.

Now, of course, as a good gemologist your next step is to decide if the stone is, indeed, an Axinite. For that, the Gemstone Separator is a big help. But that is another story.

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