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Author:  Jason Barrett [ Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Ammy's and show

You guys know i can talk about my beloved JXR ammy's all day long..which i do sometimes..well here is a small report i threw together on the quick.

This last weekend was Marty Zinn's South East mineral show..only the second year it's been put on. it's supposed to be similar to Denver and Springfield shows but since it's in it's infancy it has a lot of catching up to do. I was only there on thursdat when i helped set up a booth for a buddy and then i was going to be there on sunday all day but god forbid my alternator went out so i spent part of the day fixing that. missed almost the whole show save for the quick hello's to my buddies on thursday as everyone was setting up.

This years theme for the show just happened to be...can you guess...thats right jackson crossroads was on the show poster and the show shirts..of course it was Marty's design as he doesn't want to use a certain specimen by anyone but a combination/made up JXR specimen so no one has "the one" that was on the shirts/posters.


Since i was helping set up I really didn't have time to take good pics or lots of pics as i figued i would do it on Sunday but that got shot down...

I didn't get any pics of any of the big clusters as the lighting was not set up yet and trying to take a pic under hotel incadescent was horrible..i won't even show those pics..just a few pics to show



Here is a $2000 crystal that I took outside to get a pic in the sun..wish i would of had more time to take some more sun pics

Here are a bunch of cut stones from JXR..there is a cool zoned one in here that looked so cool

Here is a $1400 75 gram piece of JXR ammy rough..try to find a $1400 piece of ammy rough from anywhere..and this sucker was the most amazing blue..flawless(where it was cuttable)

Here are some cut aquas from North carolina

here is a yellow beryl from the ray Mine in North carolina...if you ever have a chance to collect here it's a blast..1/4 mile hike in the mtns. to a huge old mica mine..tailings are like 1/2 mile long x 1/4 mile wide..great place

Cut garnets from N.C.

Cut Kyanite from N.C.

For helping set up and haul some things i got to dig through 10 pounds of facet fourpeaks can't find an uglier amethydst than four peaks..of course for cutting purposes you don't judge a book by it's cover
Hard to tell but these are pretty decent pieces..four peaks has some serious color zoning can definetly see a strong red color when some piece are held up to the sun


of course i also got a nice JXR specimen for helping real nice and the crystal on top is a nice big cuttable crystal of decent color..has a little zoning but not to bad..probably leave as is since it's site well(this was in the bottom right corner of the display case-Gingerkid in front of the huge beryl crystal)


Like I said I apologize for not getting anymore pics..I had lots of friends set up at this show with some spectacular rough and specimens that I was going to get pics of but damn alternator

Author:  mehoose [ Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:47 am ]
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Wow, wonderful amguy. great pics anywho. :P

Author:  gingerkid [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:12 pm ]
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:D hey, amguy!!

gosh, i know you were not a very happy camper having to work on the alternator sunday instead of going to the show as planned. sorry to hear about the alternator deciding to nut up on you.

great pictures!!!

nice specimens, too, that rodney gave you for helping him set up his goods!! you lucky thang!! (next year i can help set up, lol, just kidding)

by the way, where was the humongous aqua crystal from?? hogg mine??

Author:  Jason Barrett [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:32 pm ]
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Yep it's from hogg(also used to be called the Big beryl mine)..i was there the day we found that digging in the peg with 'em..pulled out 2 others like it but not as well formed or as big..sucker is massive..i caried the damn thing from the pit to the back of his truck over razor sharp rose quartz..weighs 100 pounds

Author:  gingerkid [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:59 pm ]
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8) amguy!! it's a beautiful specimen. cannot imagine carrying it around, though!!

there's a couple of articles on the hogg estate in trapp county, but, you have to sign in for an account to read the articles. the site was mined commercially many years ago.

remember reading about garnet in them there hills, too!! also asked rodney through e-mail once if any garnet had been found at the site, he wrote back and said none had been found thus far. if there ever is any garnet found out there, please let me know :wink: i'll be there in a flash...

Author:  Jason [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:12 pm ]
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Back when I was a kid panning for gold in Dahlonega there was an old timer named Mr Jenkins. He owned one of those pay to pan places. Back then it was not salted or enriched. Just plain old north georgia dirt that had some gold in it. Well, by and by we sortof figured out that Mr Jenkins had a claim on Dukes Creek and that's where he brought in his dirt from. Well, and here's where you'll get interested, very often this dirt produced sizable gem quality pyrope garnets. If memory serves they were in the 3 to 5 carat range. Back then we were looking for GOLD so we just tossed the garnets. :( WAHHHHHHH!!!!! I've asked around but no one seems to have heard of gem pyropes in North GA. But they are out there! I'm telling you! I've seen em and i've held em. Maybe we need to get an expedition to find the source! :D


Author:  Jason Barrett [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:48 pm ]
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I asked 2 folks J about those and never heard a peep back..your mysterious garnets are lost now...wish i had some..might have to try mindat and see...
yea G-Kid rutile crystals and garnets have been found but rodnay has never found any..that whole hill top is multiple pegs..there is at least 4 and they are all huge..we have dug test trenches on ones way in the back ut only found huge books of mica and some small decomposed tourmaline..never found any rare earth stuff either but I would guess any that had or was formed would have since eroded away in the kaolin

Author:  gingerkid [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:56 pm ]
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8) ubergod!!

that's terrible that y'all just chunked the garnets out!! especially honkers in the 3-5ct size! and gem quality, too!

one of the guys which works with rick mentioned that some of his neighbors pick up garnets?? from the ground on their property after it rains. ?? these folks live in newnan, georgia (cowetta county). this dude told rick that they picked the garnets up by the bucketfuls and said he would bring some to work with him to give to rick. these folks believe they have a vein of garnet on their property. wonder if these folks are finding pyrope, too, j? (wonder if those darn ants have anything to do with the garnets being found on the ground, lol!)

edited to add more info: the people which are finding the garnets are looking for civil war relics on their property.

->->how's your mom?? i hope she's doing okay, jason!! :D

Author:  gingerkid [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:03 pm ]
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:?: is the hogg estate on a faultline?

lol, i know when we moved to lagrange, the first year we were here, i was asleep in the bed-rick worked 3rd shift-and the bed starting bouncing up and down. i was like-what the ???? the exorcist??? lol, found out it was a 'miniature' earthquake the next day.

gotta go watch a horror film-"2nd house on the left" or could be right? love horror films...

Author:  gingerkid [ Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:30 am ]
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gingerkid wrote:
:?: gotta go watch a horror film-"2nd house on the left" or could be right? love horror films...

:lol: the movie was "last house on the left"

hey amguy!! do you know whether or not the hogg estate is on a fault line? :wink:

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