Amusing mineral name..
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Author:  Kyriakin [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:45 am ]
Post subject:  Amusing mineral name..

... well amusing if you are a brain-dead frat boy, or someone of a similar ilk.

Been looking at a lot of Mineral websites trying to memorise the word formulas for all the gem materials I can think of. During this research I came accross...


Described as a Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide in the monoclinic crystal system.

Almost as good as...

Author:  Barbara O. Ellis [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:29 am ]
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :oops:

Author:  mehoose [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:45 pm ]
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LOL, did a double take on that one. :smt023

Author:  gingerkid [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:11 pm ]
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:lol: kyriakin!!

Author:  Crystal Star [ Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:11 pm ]
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LOL! Yes, I've read about that one before, Kyriakin. Laughed my butt off too!!! :smt105

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