Spectroscopy goodies
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Author:  G4Lab [ Fri Jan 08, 2010 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Spectroscopy goodies

Here again is a little outfit that with an old ISA card computer you could take spectra with. You would want to remove the cuvette holder or tweeze a stone into the light path but you really would need a second fiber or a reflecting fiber (which I could help you with for much less than the usual cost) The box is a light source D2/tungsten.

Here is a partial Ocean Optics Tungsten only light source. It uses a five volt lamp from Carley scientific lamp company. There is a short life hot burner and a longer life redder lamp that can be used. You need to furnish this a regulated twelve volt supply which normally comes with it but is missing here(easy to find). Would be a good deal to maybe $200.

Here is a 180 watt xenon continuous arc lamp that will give you all the blue and near UV light you want. It probably has a bulb that does not produce ozone (from really short wave emissions) but you could probably exchange that if you wanted to. Bulbs are very expensive for these but last a very very long time. You would need to round up a fiber optic for this and for spectroscopy that might best be a liquid light guide.

Here is a dual 150 watt halogen illuminator. If one burns out you switch to the other so surgery is not interrupted. I mention this guy because it is opening at $22.50 Both the above need medical fiber optic ends but these are easy to find and the xenon has five different types on it. Both of these are suitable for microscopy and photography as well.

Just the power supply to run any arc lamp up to three hundred watts if you really wanna go crazy. Push light though concrete

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