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 Post subject: How to buy FTIR and UV-VIS in Asia?
PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2012 9:37 pm 
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Hi guys,
My lab is gonna be equipped with scientific instruments like FTIR and UV-VIS spectrophotometer. Then how can I get them in Asia? I live in Indonesia. Please post links here. Thanks

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 Post subject: Re: How to buy FTIR and UV-VIS in Asia?
PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 3:43 am 
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i think it wouldn't be a problem to contact Thermo scientific or Bruker, just to name 2 of among the most trustable manufacturers for such advanced equipments.....
ciao and good luck


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 Post subject: Re: How to buy FTIR and UV-VIS in Asia?
PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 12:31 pm 
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Do you have the training to use them? FTIR in particular is not for beginners.


Here is one that they have sold to diamond dealers to sift their diamonds for ones to go to HPHT treatment.

http://www.brukeroptics.com/alphaaccess ... BD%3Fl%3D0

The DRIFT diffuse reflectance sampling module is quite useful for gemology. But there are others too. The outfit is about $20,000

Sample holding both in UV VIS and FTIR is a challenge and there has not been enough business from jewelry and gemology to induce the manufacturer's to build what is needed.
So you will need to build something yourself.

Because biologists these days, usually look at smaller amounts of specimen than a gemstone and holder it could be difficult to find a suitable UV VIS off the shelf too.
Also the software is strictly chemistry and biochemistry oriented. It almost always has lots of features you don't need (like packages for reaction kinetics and specific compounds like proteins and nucleic acids) but still have to pay for. They are selling software more than hardware these days.

If your lab will be in a tropical area FTIR instruments have windows and frightfully expensive internal components made of salts. Literally. If they are exposed to humidity even once they get ruined. They are typically purged with dry gas their whole lifetime.
So they eat money even when not switched on. They are left switched on in standby mode so that the power supplies discourage moisture condensation.

UV VIS don't have to be purged but are too sometimes to keep fungus off the gratings and mirrors. A dessicant cartridge is usually sufficient for that purpose.

We evaluated Thermo's offering's for Raman and FTIR and did not find them to be competitive. I definitely would not buy a UV VIS for them. They have aquired a number of companies (The FTIR and Raman gear come from the former Nicolet company which they bought) They do however have two small FTIRs that would be worth looking at for gemology the IR100 and IR200. These are reasonably priced and easy to work on.
http://web.ysu.edu/contentm/modules/dis ... YsMTQ3LA==
http://www.thermo.com/eThermo/CMA/PDFs/ ... _27166.pdf
They have just of course discontinued them.

In the area of UV VIS we have a couple of Thermo UV VIS instruments that I have had very bad experience with. One is an eight year old digital. Its computer board died and a replacement is like 70% of the cost of a new instrument. So we are going to scrap it.

We also have a fancier instrument from them. It was made in England by a Thermo division which used to by called when it was independent and a fairly good company, Pye-Unicam. I had ocassion to have it open and although I was able to effect the repair, I would not recommend anybody buy one of these. All plastic. And I am not knee jerk opposed to plastic. Just to cheap plastic.

If you decide to get a fiber optic spectrometer look at Avantes and Stellarnet.

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 Post subject: Re: How to buy FTIR and UV-VIS in Asia?
PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:31 pm 
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Hi iwakasu!
I used to run a Nicolet FTIR in Paris, my next one will be a PerkinElmer, in September in Colombo. Both pretty good machines. I'm sure they'd be happy to ship one over to you.

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