Cermax 300 watt Xenon lightsources
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Author:  G4Lab [ Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Cermax 300 watt Xenon lightsources

Here is a 300 watt ILC Cermax Xenon Arc lamp illuminator with a snoot on it to couple it to a fiber optic cable. These were surplused from the semiconductor industry (from Hughes). I have one and have fabricated cables for it. The seller does not have cables. The plugs are not made anymore and were very difficult to find.
I would like to put together a group purchase on these if anyone is interested. I have fabricated extra cables for this purpose. They were not easy nor inexpensive to make but turned out very well.

The design of the Cermax lamps results in very high light collection efficiency when compared with a regular Xenon arc lamp. They are one of the most advanced light sources available.

The good:
6500K daylight or close with a 95 to 99% color rendition index. Light output that you would probably need 500 watts plus to match with tungsten halogen lamps. 3500 lumens!
Pretty much instant on and hot re-strike capability.
Very long lamp life. Like thousands of hours.

The Bad:
Fairly clunky power supply. Two fans one in power supply one in lamp house. (but seven foot cables allow clunky power supply to live under desk.)
Replacement lamps expensive. (plan on $300. But if you use them enough to wear out the lamps you will be happy to get another lamp) Lamps appear on ebay very regularly.

These lamps will put enough light into a fiber optic that you can make a piece of concrete appear translucent. A great source for photography.
Also a very excellent and widely used energy source for instrumental spectroscopy.
ILC Cermax is now a division of Perkin-Elmer OptoElectronics. If anyone is interested I have extensive technical data on this line of lamps.
Here is why you should be interested in these , taught better than I could do:

Anyone interested can respond here or PM me.

Author:  Emmett [ Thu May 22, 2008 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Cermax Xenon 300 watt Lightsources

I would be interested in purchasing one of the Cermax Xenon light sources. Can you give me an idea of price?
John Emmett

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