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Author:  G4Lab [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:24 am ]
Post subject:  AO RadiusScope on fleabay

Here is an American Optical Radius Scope.

I believe it was originally intended to measure the radius of contact lenses for QC on production lines or possibly a similar purpose for intra ocular lenses.

It has a single fixed objective designed to give a field of view similar to a contact lens and thus would be somewhat suitable for gemological use.

Other magnification objectives would be easy to find. The oculars are the same as those used on AO equipped Gemolites and are 10x. It has a 5x objective. You could obtain objectives from 2x to 20x if you wanted to.

It has an incident light illuminator which needs a lamp stuck into it or the cable from a fiber optic which if one had an "obedient gooseneck" one could just park it in position and it would give more light that the original illuminator which was probably a six or twelve volt non quartz halogen bubb.

The reason I am posting this is that it has a micrometer dial gauge already attached which would make it suitable for refractive index measurements by the method of du Chaulnes which has been discussed numerous times.

It is sitting at $58. Different magnification objectives for this scope are pretty easy to find and also trinoc for photo use. It is a compound scope not a stereo. This was a pricey little toy when new.

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