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 Post subject: Re: Yourgemmologi$t.con
PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:31 pm 
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Barbra Voltaire wrote:
You are misunderstanding my comments.

My point was that Robert James may conclude that HIS current tactics have not gone as he hoped and he may consider a different approach.

I'm quite sure he won't be calling me anytime soon asking for advice, but if he did, I would suggest he focus on his original core intent of providing an alternative and affordable educational option, and be open to the modification of the content of his program when new facts and information presented themselves.

In my opinion, this was a noble endeavor.

Secondly, I would suggest he just stop (right this second) the punitive, mean-spirited actions which simply rile people up......again, focus on the positive educational option.

Well spoken Barbra, I second this opinion. I would like to see him do just that as his original idea is very good. I took his course when it first started and was referred to it by Bear Williams. It was a great bargain and was easy to fit into my lifestyle. I have never had a problem with him and have experienced quite the opposite, excellent service and a very gentlemanly manner in all of our correspondence. Of course, the old saying "what goes around comes around" will apply here.
Borrowing another quote, this one from Robert's father, "If you throw mud you will get dirty".
I think Robert needs to think about his father's words. Additionally, I think that all those that have thrown mud back at him would also benefit from understanding the same words.
Best regards, Lee

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 Post subject: Re: Yourgemmologi$t.con
PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:36 am 

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Gearloose wrote:
One thing mentioned that does not surprise me is the person's "Acolytes" or True Believers.
I can understand this easily if I get into my time machine and go back to the '60's.

In many groups and organizations, sooner or later an inner group assumes control. I have actually seen people fight over unpaid positions!
Now, just suppose the Illuminati have taken over the field of gemology. (I have no idea, nor do I care.)
I recall Ralph Nader against GM. At the time, I cheered him on, because he was Fighting The Machine and Sticking It To The Man.
(Disclosure..Yes,I owned a Corvair at the time, really..)
Other examples come to mind..Silkwood, for one.

So I could actually see myself having sympathy for a person who fights the Established Order.

I understand that bit. I'm quite sure his people are sincere and truly believe they're fighting the good fight with the best of intentions. To me, that's actually the most galling thing. The cynicism behind taking those good intentions and twisting them is shocking.

A recent example on LinkedIn, where one of his long term followers claimed to have some "dyefused" tourmaline. Someone asked if she'd be willing to send one or two pieces into a lab, since Mr. James doesn't trust any of them with his own samples. She agreed but only on the condition we all agree on what "dyeing" covers first. When given what everyone one of us here would recognize as the standard definition for "dyed", she scoffed as if we were trying to put one over on her. She didn't consider dye in surface reaching growth tubes and cracks to be "dyeing", in her mind, this is called "dyefusion".

This person was obviously no idiot, but it seemed apparent to me that the information she's working on from the ISG courses she took has been tailored to allow Mr. James to insert his invented terms. Terms that came into being because he can't admit that he was wrong. That's just sad, and she paid for that info.

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