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Introduction to Mineralogycover
by William D. Nesse
Introduction to Mineralogy consolidates much of the material now covered in traditional mineralogy and optical mineralogy courses and focuses on describing minerals within their geologic context. It presents the important traditional content of mineralogy including crystallography, chemical bonding, controls on mineral structure, mineral stability, and crystal growth to provide a foundation that enables students to understand the nature and occurrence of minerals. Physical, optical, and X-ray powder diffraction techniques of mineral study are described in detail, and common chemical analytical methods are outlined as well. Detailed descriptions of over 100 common minerals are provided, and the geologic context within which these minerals occur is emphasized. Appendices provide tables and diagrams to help students with mineral identification, using both physical and optical properties. Numerous line drawings, photographs, and photomicrographs help make complex concepts understandable.
Mineralogy (2nd Edition)cover
by Dexter Perkins
This learner-oriented text is written in a casual style to present a modern introduction to mineralogy. It emphasizes real-world applications and an “outside-in approach” as well as the history and human side of mineralogy. Chapter topics include elements and minerals; crystallization and classification of minerals; mineral properties: hand specimen mineralogy; optical mineralogy; igneous rocks and silicate minerals; sedimentary minerals and sedimentary rocks; metamorphic minerals and metamorphic rocks; ore deposits and economic minerals; crystal morphology and symmetry; crystallography; units cells, points, lines, and planes; x-ray diffraction; atomic structure; and descriptions of minerals. For individuals interested in the science of mineralogy, and how minerals impact everyday life.

Photographing Minerals, Fossils, and Lapidary Materials

by Jeffrey A. Scovil

This book is written by a photographer of mineral swho is very well known to readers of periodicals such as the Mineralogical Record.
It is a very useful guide to photographing minerals, fossils and gems.


Gem and Lapidary Materials: For Cutters, Collectors, and Jewelerscover
by June Zeitner
June Zeitner's name is legendary in the lapidary hobby movement. She has been writing articles about gems and minerals, localities and jewelry making since the birth of the American lapidary movement in the 1960s. The book, her largest effort to date. is an attempt to catalog and describe all of the existing geologic materials that lend themselves to the artistry of the lapidarist. Her emphasis is on the idea that gem cutting and carving are true art forms and the resulting products should likewise be considered to be fine art.



Natural Mineral Forms: Exhibit In Fersman Mineralogical Museum, Russian Academy Of Sciencecover
by Margarita Novgorodova
The book involves systematization and description of various mineral forms known in the nature. This is the first published well-illustrated course that tracks the evolution of the crystal perfectness over the wide range of mineralization conditions. It proceeds from almost ideal crystals to highly defective ones, which can be rightly identified as both individual forms and aggregates. Regularly and irregularly formed aggregates of minerals are also considered..

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