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Professional Goldsmithing : A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Jewelry Techniques
by Alan Revere and George McLean (Illustrator)
Full of tips which would take years to learn in the shop. Well written, good photos, lots of projects. A definite must for anyone working in gold or silver at any level.


The Art of Jewelry Making: Classic & Original Designs
by Alan Revere
All in color! Engraving, casting, fabricating, forging, soldering, and enameling. The techniques are varied and creative, just like the projects. Pins, earrings, rings, a necklace, a pendant, a bangle, and a cuff bracelet of extraordinary beauty and style make exceptional accessories. Compiled by an international award-winning jewelry maker, these outstanding examples will fill you with a passion for working with precious metals.



The Diamond Setting Manual of Procedures & Techniquescover
by Robert R. Wooding.

Recommended by Wolf on the forum. He has this to say about this book:
      "First do not dust off your favourite corner of the coffee table, this is not a pretty conversation starter. This book is a “usin’ book”. The book is bound in a heavy-duty metal spiral binding that allows you to open at any page, fold back, and then prop the book for use. The type is generous enough that even those with less than perfect sight can read it well enough at working distances to follow the procedures.
      The author divides his procedures into seven basic steps
(1) Inspecting the mounting and stone (the book contains suggestions on how to balance stone and setting and how to square the stone to the setting.
(2) Layout/planning
(3) Cutting the bearing
(4) Seating the stone
(5) Secure the stone
(6) Finishing and
(7) Final inspection
      The Author also gives the mandatory caution not to try this at home (so necessary today to keep from being sued into the poor house). Wooding covers seventeen basic setting types with clear easy to follow instructions and illustrations.
     The biggest surprise for neophytes will be the news that they will have to make or modify existing tools to do the procedures properly. Wooding feels that basic prong pushers and gravers, just to name two tools, available from suppliers are good starting points for modification. He has a special section on making specialty tools
      There are helpful sections on bur selection and use, drilling, filing and sawing.
      Hammering-Tapping techniques are also covered.
      Contributions were made to the book by Alan Revere, Charles Lewton-Brain and Tim McCrieght to name the best known.
Question: If I lost the book tommorrow would I buy it again ? Yes very quickly!



The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques:A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques
by Jinks McGrath
With easy understand and step-by-step instruction, this is a great book for a beginner in jewelry design. In this book, it shows most of useful tools and methods in jewelry making with clear images.


The Complete Book of Jewelry Making
by Carles Codina
After a brief discussion of basic metallurgy--alloying, smelting, annealing, and pickling--the book moves to essential jewelry-making techniques: cutting and piercing, soldering and other joinings, making closures and rings, and enhancing the surface: etching with acid, combining different metals, creating textures, and adding color.


Jewelry Design: The Artisan's Reference
by Elizabeth Olver
Excellent design source book .



Creative Stonesettingcover
by John Cogswell
With more than 600 drawings the author explains dozens of ways to construct settings for unusual situtions in an elegant, practical and secure way..


Jewelry: Two Books in One: Projects to Practice and Inspire: Techniques to Adapt to Suit Your Own Designs
by Madeline Coles
The title says it well. A practical book.

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