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Jade (Fred Ward Gem Book Series)
by Fred Ward

Dr. E. Gubelin, C.G., F.G.A. says about this book:
Although there are many large volumes on jade, I truly consider yours as one of the most concise, most complete, and most beautiful, and I wish to congratuate you most enthusiastically...


by Louis Zara

The authoritative handbook on Jade in all the cultures: Chinese, Maori, Olmec, Mayan, Mogul and Eskimo. A reliable guide for collectors, illustrated from one of the world's greatest collections by expert Louis Zara, collector for half a century.


by Fred Ward

A very complete reference with gorgeous photographs. Another in the series of excellent gemstone referencebooks written by Fred Ward.



Jades from China
by Angus Forsyth,

A magnificently produced catalog of the major exhibition at the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, England. Illustrating 354 Chinese jades from the collection of Brian McElney, the Peony Collection and the Rannerdale Collection. Bilingual.


by Roger Keverne (Editor)

From Publishers Weekly
This survey of jade use around the world is actually an anthology of essays by prominent scholars. First, a gemologist explains the minerology of jade. Then a series of essays on jade use in China, from prehistory to the present, takes up about half of the book.



The Stone of Heaven: Unearthing the...
by C. Adrian/Scott-Clark Levy

This mesmerizing chronicle interweaves legend, mythology, and history with a shocking contemporary expose of the Burmese jadeite mines. Before visiting the deplorable mining pits in Myanmar (formerly Burma), the authors embarked on a circuitous research odyssey, retracing the colorful history of the valuable gemstone. Unearthing letters, diaries, and maps and interviewing countless numbers of jewelers and collectors, they pieced together the fascinating tale of a stone so beautiful and exotic

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