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Gemstone Crystal System Density Hardness Refractive index Treatments
Emerald hexagonal 2.72 7.5-8.0 1.746-1.755 dying, fracture filling, oiling

Inclusions in Colombian Emerald
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Phase inclusions and liquid veils.

3- phase inclusion features a gas bubble and dolomite crystal with typical jagged outline seen in syngenetic inclusions

The lower 2-phase inclusion features a gas bubble in liquid, also with jagged outline.


Growth tubes, negative crystals and liquid veils
Hexagonal biotite crystal with yellowish remnants of oiling and liquid veils.
2-phase inclusions each containing rhombohedral dolomite. The jagged outline is typical for syngenetic primary origin of inclusions in Colombian emerald.
Liquid veil and thin jagged liquid veiling.


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