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Gemstone Crystal System Density Hardness Refractive index Treatments
orthorhombic 3.53 8.0 1.619-1.627 blue is irradiated

Topaz crystals and cut stones

Cherry red, pink, salmon, champagne and peach are the rarest and most expensive. Blue results from irradiation.

Very durable.

Brazil is most noteworthy, but it is found in many locals.

Brown or Champagne topaz is not a completely stable color and may fade if constantly exposed to sunlight or strong incandescent lighting. Champagne topaz is also properly called smokey topaz, but I am hesitant to use the term since smokey quartz is misrepresented as smokey topaz more often than it is correctly represented....this causes confusion. Be careful your seller is specific in disclosing whether a brown stone he is selling is
topaz or quartz!


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Topaz is an aluminum, hydroxyl-flourine silicate. Strong chemical bonding makes it the hardest of the silicate minerals. A common misconception is that all topaz is yellow. It is most commonly colorless, but colors include blue, pale green, and the spectrum of yellow through sherry orange to pink, and most unique, red. Topaz was used in ancient Egypt and Rome, where it was imported from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). During the Middle Ages topaz was thought to strengthen the mind and prevent mental disorders as well as sudden death. It has been considered a "cooling" gem, much like ruby is considered a "hot" gem. Topaz was thought to have the ability to quickly cool boiling water and flaring tempers.

topaz crystal