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Gemstone Crystal System Density Hardness Refractive index Treatments
Tourmaline trigonal 3.06 7.0-7.5 1.624-1.644 (green) heat


All colors


Brazil and the United States

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Tourmaline is an extremely complex borosilicate that occurs in more than 100 colors. It is hard and durable and very well suited for jewelry. It is a pyroelectric mineral, meaning that when warmed, it attracts dust and other lightweight particles. It wasn't introduced into Europe until the early 1700's, when it was imported from the east. Shortly thereafter it was declared a stone of the Muses, inspiring and enriching the creative processes. It was a talisman for artists, actors and writers. Today,it is mined extensively in South America, East Africa and in Southern California.

Tourmaline Family:

Paraiba Tourmaline
Rubellite Tourmaline
Indicolite Tourmaline
Verdite Tourmaline
Dravite Tourmaline
Achroite Tourmaline
Chrome Tourmaline
Bicolor Tourmaline
Tricolor Tourmaline
Watermelon Tourmaline
Schorl Tourmaline

tourmaline slice